• Tanya Cornwell

The Dress

Picking the best dress, the perfect dress, the dress that will make you feel like a super star can be daunting, but don't let it be. Have fun and enjoy this special moment. Visit different dress shops and make sure the dress shop makes you feel like you are the most special person in their store. Be open to any dress and try on a ton - how many times in your life do you have your friends, family, moms, sales people waiting on you hand and foot? Be a princess (a humble, gracious princess)! Every Bride has a dress in mind and may only try on that specific style of dress. My tip is to be adventurous and open to try on all different styles. Most of the time my Brides will pick a dress totally different than their dream dress.

My favorite part of working with a Bride is when they show me the phone picture of them in "the dress". I am used to meeting with my Brides in their every day clothes and even work out clothes, so when I see them for the first time in their dress - it's amazing. I sometimes say, "wow, you look so different dressed!". Even though the phone picture is a little wacky - the lighting is never good, their hair is all over the place, the dress is usually held up by big clips in the back - "the dress" is always magical. The dress sets the tone and vibe for the wedding. It explains so much about my Bride - her vision, her opinion, her style, her personality. Is it vintage lace, sleek style or many layers of tulle? Every dress is just perfect because it fits the Bride. Not only does it look beautiful on them, but the confidence and happiness the Bride exudes on her big day is breathtaking.

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