• Tanya Cornwell

Continuing My Adventure

After years and years of doing weddings as a fun hobby, helping friends and family to navigate the planning process of big events and creating florals, I am taking this adventure on as my full time gig. I am very excited to do what I love and love what I am doing, but with any big change in life there is a deep, scary feeling which also accompanies the decision. Self doubt creeps in, sleepless nights of swirling questions in your head - can I do this, can we financially survive, am I being selfish by taking a leap to do what I love? After my first full week of full time Starry Night Events, all I can say is "TAKE the leap, do what you love - it's way more fun"! Of course, I will have many more sleepless nights in my future (as a 38 year old mother and wife we all have sleepless nights), but I am happy and I believe this will make a positive impact on my family. I am still working to build my confidence and believe in myself that I can do this successfully, but by taking the first leap I believe I have conquered so much already. I am not naive to think it's always going to be all roses and tulips (ha, see what I did there)! However, I am I still in the fuzzy happy haze of being able to concentrate 100% of my work time on weddings this week. I am ready to continue my adventure, please join in, follow me and become part of my adventure!

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